Healthy eating doesn’t have to break the bank. Balancing your bite on a budget is an option for us all! This blog is all about healthy eating on a budget. There are a lot of similar blogs out there… but this one is specific to healthy and affordable eating in Mendocino County! My name is Holly, and I live in Ukiah, CA, and will be giving lots of tips on ways to buy and cook locally at an affordable price. I, too, am on a budget, so I will be sharing my tricks and tips for making healthy, delicious meals using what is accessible here in Mendocino County. Get ready for references to the farmers markets, Grocery Outlet, the food bank, and CalFresh! If you are not in Mendocino County, CA, that doesn’t mean this blog won’t be beneficial to you too. Substitute the local references for what you have in your hometown. And for you Mendo residents, I hope you keep reading, and that you can use some of these posts for healthy living!